Have you ever had a technology question, but were afraid to ask? Fear no more: Boss Gorilla is here to help.

Technology is here, it’s a part of our everyday lives, and it’s not going away any time soon. Technology can be hard to understand, but it doesn’t have to be. Boss Gorilla was created to make sense of the noise. Around here, we’re not fast learners, and we don’t always understand stuff the way the book (or instructions) explains it. It took me three or four times to finally get it, so I sympathize with those that don’t understand tech right away. No judgment, no fast talking, no looking down our stubby nose. Just real, simple, understandable answers.

What’s with the name? Boss Gorilla? What?

The word “boss”

is one of my favorite adjectives. If something is “boss,” it has cool features, works really well, or is really good at something. It can also be used as a noun. For example, the term “like a boss” implies that you’re super good at something, sort of like the big villain at the end of a Mario Brothers level. The end-of-level boss is always way harder to defeat, because he’s so good at being a villain (stronger powers, takes more hits to defeat, does eviler things, etc.). With that said, let’s be clear the Boss Gorilla is a GOOD guy, and he’s here to help you defeat misunderstanding.

The gorilla

is a mighty animal, with whom I share a similar body shape. Really short legs, super long torso. It’s just how I was made. They’re also not the smartest of the apes, but they’re up there. Maybe just a little over average as far as apes go. Pretty much a summary of me. I also like bananas*.

A boss gorilla

would be an ape that’s demonstrated that it’s really good (as far as apes go) at doing something the other apes have a hard time with. The other gorillas might look at this gorilla and say “yo that ape is boss, that’s one boss gorilla,” or, “that gorilla just solved that puzzle like a boss.” This ape has 27** years of explaining tough, technical subjects to humans.

* We do not accept bananas as a form of payment. Not sure there’s anything to pay for here anyways. 

** Full disclosure: 13 of the 27 years were unpaid hours showing my parents how to connect VCRs, operate universal remotes, dial up AOL, and similar.

Have you ever wondered what apes buy for tech?

I have a sister site where I review every tech purchase I’ve made in recent history. Jam on over to EvaluApe.com and take a gander at the stuff I waste way too much choosing.