Tech consultants fill many shoes: IT Manager, Computer Systems Analyst, Web Developer, Computer Systems Administrator, Computer Programmer, Computer Support Specialist, Business Intelligence Analyst, Database Administrator, and Project Manager, to name a few. We also have to communicate with users and clients, which can be tough if you don’t speak their language. Luckily, we’ve had many opportunities to connect technology with reality across America and abroad providing public works engineering services, construction project management, and business continuity planning.

We’ve spent nearly two decades communicating with end users to learn business processes and convert these into workable technology requirements. Often, we’re asked to take these conceptual needs and build them into solutions by procuring them off the shelf or designing them in-house – all followed by testing, implementation, management and planning for redevelopment. It’s not always an easy job, but it certainly is rewarding when we make life easier for our clients.

From Microsoft Access databases to Google Analytics – we specialize in solving technological problems, even if they’re really hard to explain. Most of our work involves using technology to solve day-to-day business issues, developing creative methods of measuring success, and combining data into meaningful tools that managers can use to make critical business decisions. Check out this list of capabilities.

Our background is the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction industry serving private sector, federal government, states, counties, municipalities, school districts, and more.

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Dev805 (Gunther Kastenholz) is a certified California Small Business (Micro) and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE). For verification, visit Cal eProcure and enter Certification ID # 2004590.