Photo Editing

Using Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, and whatever other tools are required, we edit photos for purposes such as standardizing backgrounds on employee resume photos, color correction, special effects and more.

Video Editing and Special Effects

We use Adobe Premiere and After Effects for video post-production and special effects. Our most common request involves stitching together video exports from Navisworks, Revit, Google Earth Pro, and other tools used in the AEC industry, usually to support a proposal / marketing effort, or for a conference or trade show. Often times this involves […]

Data Visualization

We are able to create custom visualizations involving geography, construction projects, and other spatially-related data elements using Tableau or a combination of applications.

Digital Marketing

With experience supporting corporate marketing, we’ve had plenty of chances to work with all the different technologies that permeate marketing and business development. Now mix in a little architecture/engineering/construction specialization and a tenacious personal zero failure policy. From Adobe InDesign to Photoshop to AutoCAD to Google Earth Pro: we deliver solutions, edit documents, generate copy, […]