E-mail Marketing Support for the California Central Coast

Need help with e-mail marketing? We have lots of experience building campaigns in Constant Contact, MailChimp, or bring your own e-marketing tools. A typical process looks like this:

  1. You provide the graphics, content, and vision. We show you what works and what doesn’t in e-mail marketing. We collaboratively come to a consensus on design. By “coming to a consensus,” we mean that you lead the way and we do everything we can to replicate your design in an email-friendly format, advise you on the elements that aren’t optimal in e-mail marketing, then implement your final direction.
  2. We build your e-marketing campaign using your bulk email service and send you a preview for your review, feedback, and approval.
  3. You provide feedback, and we make the requested edits. If your email marketing services provider offers spam risk assessment, we’ll use those features to help prevent your message from being filtered out by spam blockers. We’ll also use your email services provider’s test features to verify your e-mail marketing message will display correctly in your intended recipients’ email software.
  4. Once you’re satisfied with the design, we’ll help you configure your bulk email marketing services in preparation for sending the message. This usually involves assigning the appropriate contact list to the campaign; choosing an ideal send date and time and scheduling message delivery; and assisting you with entering this information into your e-mail marketing¬†services.
  5. After the campaign’s been sent, we’ll help you monitor your marketing email services. Good e-marketing solutions will track message disposition and provide you with data about who actually opened your message, which recipients’ addresses bounced and weren’t delivered, and which of your subscribers opted-out of receiving further emails. We can pull this data, format it into a readable report, and support your analysis of the success of your e-mail marketing campaign.

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