How to Clear Your Browser Cache

In Internet Explorer:

1. Click the gear (settings) icon on the right side of your browser window.

2. In the menu that pops up, click “Internet Options”. It will be toward the bottom of the menu.
3. The Internet Options dialog pops up. Click “Delete”
ie11-clear-browser-cache-2 | BossGorilla
4. The “Delete Browsing History” dialog opens. Uncheck the “Preserve Favorites website data” and “Passwords”* boxes and check all other boxes. Then click the Delete button at the bottom of the dialog. Wait approximately 30 seconds for Internet Explorer to finish clearing your cache.
ie11-clear-browser-cache-3 | BossGorilla
5. You’ll be returned to the Internet Options dialog. Click “OK”.
6. Close all Internet Explorer windows.
7. The next time you open Internet Explorer you’ll have a “fresh” start with a cleared cache.

* I leave the Passwords box unchecked because I don’t like trying to figure out what my passwords are.