Review: Murray’s Superior Hair Dressing Pomade Travel Size (1 1/8 Oz.)

Great Dressing for “Fuzzy” Hair

I’ve been using the Murray’s for about a year now. My college roommate introduced me to this stuff but only recently did I find a use for it. The product works really well at keeping my fuzzies in check. I have short, thin hair. It’s not thinning hair, I mean the hairs themselves are individually thin. That means that after I take a shower, if I don’t do something to my hair, I look a little like I’ve always got my finger in a light socket.
The key to using this is “emulsification.” My wife explained this to me. You have to put a little dab on a couple fingers, then rub your hands together really fast until the stuff is a little warm and spread out. Then it sticks to your hairs without clumping up and you get a nice, even pomade distribution. I also find it works best about 5 minutes after I’ve dried my hair with a towel – the hair’s just a little bit damp and, for some reason, the stuff sticks more evenly that way without looking all shiny.
I bought the 1-1/8 ounce size (that 1.125 ounces to ye non-carpentry types) because (a) the stuff lasts forever and (b) it fits better in my toiletries travel bag than the big tin.

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