NMS Passat Headlight Voltage Mod

From the factory, the 2013 Passat headlights are kind of dim. I thought my perception was off because I’d driven a pickup previously and the headlights tend to go a bit further because they’re higher off the ground. Turns out there is some consensus in the online VW community about Passat headlights being dim. A computer adjustment can be made using VAG-COM, also known as VCDS, that turns the headlight voltage up. The tradeoff is that your bulbs don’t last as long. Originally posted by ColoradoDriver on tdiclub.com:

Since folks have been asking me the VCDS path to do the 13 volts, here you go:
09- Central Elect.
Long Coding Helper
Byte 19
Bit 0-3 (Pull Down Choice 08 for 13.0 volts)

While there, suggest:
Byte 19
Bit 4-7 (Pull Down Choice 80 for tail lights 13.0 volts)