Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a cool thing now where power is supplied to networking devices via the network cable. Aside from the network cable, the PoE device has no separate AC adapters connected. This makes for a nice, clean-looking installation and expands the number of options available for placing things like a wireless access point. With PoE, you don’t have to have an electrical receptacle near the network port – just plug connect the PoE-enabled device to the network port using a network cable.

Something to consider is that you need PoE-enabled network switches that are capable of supplying the voltage necessary to power the PoE device on the other end of the network cable – plugging a PoE wireless access point into a non-PoE network switch doesn’t work. If you can’t find or afford a PoE-enabled network switch, you can purchase a PoE power injector that supplies the correct voltage to the network cable and, subsequently, the PoE device.