Custom Geographical User Interface

Civic Center Capital Improvement Program Management Protocol

Development of program management protocol to aid city in management of current and future CIP projects. A geographical user interface was developed and provided to the City to visually depict time-phased status of redevelopment projects. A cashflow analysis was performed to accompany this.

Championed successful interview strategy. Developed, administered, and processed survey instrument to gather updated project statistics from the City. Developed database to process statistics and application to produce time-sequenced, georeferenced, Google Earth-based project status tool.

The client requested a solution to help upper-level executives at a public agency spatially visualize capital improvement expenditures over the next several years. A Microsoft Access database application was created to manage inputs collected from various client-furnished data sources, and VBA functions were created to publish KML files depicting project activity with points and polygons. The end product allowed users to interact with the time slider in Google Earth and visualize the sequence of various capital improvement projects and geographical areas impacted by construction at any given moment.