Tenant Improvement for Mission-critical Operations Center

A high-priority, extremely fast-paced project to construct a secure facility for collecting and analyzing rapidly-evolving operational data. Conducted pre-design site assessment and briefed site plan alternatives to corporate executives. Upon gaining site approval, created bid estimates and secured funding from corporate finance. Interfaced with technology contractors and occupant subject matter experts to develop full facility support requirements including off-grid primary and redundant utilities, dedicated data center, tiered workstation layout, and compliance with secure facility standards. Created design-build architectural, mechanical, electrical, furniture, and computer room drawings, developed bid scope and estimates, and submitted to contracting. Managed construction and coordinated with facility to ensure minimal permanent damage to existing facility.

Responsibilities: Design-build Criteria Engineer

Employer: Confidential

Client: Confidential

Owner: Confidential

Location: Confidential

Construction Cost: $6 million of a $1.4 billion program