Project Management Information System

Developed an on-site and web-based solution to manage day-to-day construction project information, perform public relations functions, and serve as a geographic information system (GIS) associating project data with geospatial locations. The backend had to be usable by project staff in austere locations with questionable internet access – ruling out web-based, off-the-shelf options.

The client requested a custom Microsoft Access application for everyday construction activities such as tracking RFIs (Requests for Information), material submittals, change orders, PCOs (potential change orders), and correspondence logs. A website was also developed that was hosted on corporate servers and updated by an automated, end-of-day operation performed by the MS Access application. This combination of features allowed the construction team to manage project data without network latency hampering daily workflows – all web-dependent data was synchronized after project staff left each day.

The first implementation was on a Potable Water Distribution System Upgrade project. The public website can be viewed at The second implementation was for a Wastewater Treatment Plant project. The second implementation involved moving the database to an on-premise instance of Microsoft SQL Server, usability upgrades, and development of a strategy and features for widely deploying and supporting the system at multiple construction job sites. The public website can be viewed at

Responsibilities: Database and Web Developer, User Liaison, Technology Specifications Developer

Employer: Vanir Construction Management, Inc.

Client: California Department of General Services, Real Estate Services Division

Owner: California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

Location: San Luis Obispo, California