Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades

Modification and upgrade of existing wastewater treatment plant that collects and treats high strength domestic wastewater from a state prison complex. Construction of oxidation ditch capable of handling 2.7 MGD average daily flows with a new emergency generator and motor control center; upgrade headworks screening and raw sewage pumps; upsize existing RAS/WAS pump stations; convert primary clarifiers to secondary clarifiers; rehab existing secondary clarifiers; shotcrete existing anaerobic digester; pave portions of existing sludge drying beds; construct bio-solids storage pad; replace influent pump stations; construct a pump station for AAU reject water; upgrade existing motor control centers; install fully-automated centralized computer system with programmable logic controllers to operate all equipment; miscellaneous yard piping and preparation of operations manual for staff.

Upgraded a previously-developed Project Management Information System that links day-to-day project information with project work elements spatially depicted on a website for use by project stakeholders. Senior CM during period of potential delay, uniting project team to mitigate risks with a detailed, coordinated work plan. Assistant CM throughout project assisting with scheduling, cashflow analysis, jobsite technology issues.

Responsibilities: Assistant Construction Manager, Database and Web Developer, User Liaison, Technology Specifications Developer

Employer: Vanir Construction Management, Inc.

Client: California Department of General Services, Real Estate Services Division

Owner: Chuckawalla Valley State Prison and Ironwood State Prison

Location: Blythe, California

Construction Cost: $12 million