Review: Amazon Prime

You’ve probably noticed that we have a lot of Amazon links here on EvaluApe. That’s because we’ve been buying stuff off of Amazon for the better part of a decade, and they serve us well. Most of our Amazon purchases started around two years ago when we first subscribed to Amazon Prime. Originally, I thought it was a gimmick, but time has proven that Amazon Prime is the real deal. Here’s the main reasons why we subscribe to Amazon Prime:

Why We Subscribe to Amazon Prime Reason 1. Free 2-day Shipping.

Free 2-day shipping on most stuff that’s labeled “Prime” on the Amazon website. Initially I had the least confidence in this aspect of a Prime membership because I’d had such poor luck with 2-day shipping in the past from any vendor. A website would offer 2-day shipping, I’d pay for it, and get it 4 or 5 days later. “Processing time,” was always the reason for this. I can’t speak to the legalese of Prime 2-day shipping, but I can tell you that almost every shipment I’ve ordered using Prime 2-day shipping has shown up right at 2 days, and quite often earlier than 2 days. The record so far has been a Friday night order that showed up Saturday morning. This hasn’t been typical, but it was pretty incredible.

Why We Subscribe to Amazon Prime Reason 2. Instant Video.

Amazon Prime Instant Video. This has been a welcomed bonus to the Free 2-day shipping, because Amazon can get stuff that we can’t get on our DirecTV, Netflix, Yahoo TV Apps, Redbox, Roku, or Xbox (we watch too much TV…!). It works pretty much like any other streaming video service – install the app, enter your username and password, and start watching videos instantly, just like the name implies. Pretty cool that this just comes bundled in with the rest of your Prime membership. Also, Amazon has exclusive rights to the show Justified, which might be one of the greatest shows ever.

I’m sure there are other reasons to get a Prime membership (like streaming music) but those are the EvaluApes’ top two. Here’s some links to get you started with a free 30-day trial. Doesn’t matter which one you click, because a Prime membership comes with everything (streaming music, instant video, 2-day shipping, etc.) Enjoy!

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