Solution for MS Access Form Error Message “The OLE Object is Empty”

I have an OLE object field in a MS Access linked table (linked, meaning the table itself actually resides in a different database file). This field is represented by a Bound Object Frame in a subform that’s nested inside a Tab Control in an Access 2002-2003 MDB. When I visit the tab with the subform on it, the subform is the default tab stop, meaning the form’s focus is now on the Bound Object Frame. The associated record has no OLE Objects in it yet, so the form is sitting in a NewRecord state. No error yet but, as soon as I click outside of the Bound Object Frame, I get “The OLE Object is Empty. You can’t edit a bound object frame if the field in the underlying table doesn’t contain an OLE object.” Of course, this makes no sense because it’s a new record that I just happened to land my mouse in, and I haven’t created (nor do I currently intend to create) an OLE Object record. And I’m not trying to “edit a bound object frame” in any fashion. Who knows why this error occurs, but here’s the solution that worked for me. In the offending form, add the following code to the On Error event:

					If DataErr = 2684 Then Response = acDataErrContinue
The full subroutine should look like this:
					Private Sub Form_Error(DataErr As Integer, Response As Integer)
    If DataErr = 2684 Then Response = acDataErrContinue
End Sub

Thanks to ForesterCA at MSDN for the solution. Link to original solution HERE.