Review: Superfeet Blue Premium Insoles

Great, best fit if you remove your current insoles

I bought new running shoes and didn’t want to remove the insoles because they’re glued in. I chose the blue version because the Superfeet website says, “FITS BEST IN most types of low and medium-volume footwear, even some without removable factory insoles.” Of course, I disregarded the fit profile that accurately says Medium Profile and Medium Volume. Wishful thinking, I guess. I tried the Superfeet inserts without removing the original insoles and it was not good (my heels felt like they were going to pop out the top of my shoes), so I carefully removed the original glued insoles. The Superfeet inserts fit perfectly afterwards and I’ve been pleased ever since. The length and width fit of these D 8.5-10 insoles fit perfectly in my size 9 Adidas shoe. No sliding around and my foot sits in the shoe just fine. The rigid structure of the insole keeps them supportive but there is adequate cushioning. Overall great purchase.

Amending this 12/28/14. As I was recommending these to my wife and doing a product demo in her shoes, I remembered that the arch part of the insert is more back than it is middle. I have the Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx’s in my work boots and their arch is more towards the middle of the foot. Just an FYI. Everything’s still good with these insoles.

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