Sync My iTunes

Can’t find the download link for SYNC My iTunes? You’re not alone. You can download SYNC My iTunes at the Ford website. Here’s the link to download SYNC My iTunes:

SYNC My iTunes Download

Having problems getting SYNC My iTunes to install? I had the following dialog appear:

SYNC My iTunes requires iTunes to be installed. Do you want to download iTunes?

That means Sync My iTunes can’t find the appropriate Windows registry entry, so it thinks iTunes isn’t installed. To remedy this, you will need to edit your registry, which can be super sketchy if you don’t know what you’re doing. Like, you might need to reinstall Windows if you mess it up. Feel uncomfortable? Ask a computer pro to fix this for you. They’ll need to add the key below:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Apple Computer, Inc.\iTunes

For me, I had this key:


Which is an entirely different animal. So be sure the correct one is there if you want SYNC my Itunes to work.

The last problem with SYNC My iTunes that I encountered:

iTunes is busy. Please close SYNC My iTunes and try again later

In your iTunes library, make sure the “iCloud Download” column is showing (looks like a little cloud icon). Check for any songs that have a light gray cloud icon. Do whatever you need to do to make this icon disappear for that song (get iTunes to make sure it’s downloaded onto your machine, or delete the song). Run Sync My iTunes again and it should finish.


– Plugging in your iPhone/iPod might cause these songs to get copied back into your library, and you’ll have to do this again.

– I didn’t start having this problem until I bought Match

How I discovered this:

I noticed that it stopped every time at song #1242 in my library, so I ran “Sync My iTunes (Debug)” to see which song it stopped on. Then I went back to my library, found the song, and noticed it had the light gray cloud icon. It also had a local copy of the song already. I think iTunes gets confused sometimes and forgets that it downloaded a song from your cloud library, then tries to download it again even though it’s already on your computer. Then it realizes the file’s already there, and doesn’t download it. However, it leaves it in your library flagged as an incomplete download. Sync My iTunes triggers iTunes to attempt download, which then makes it look like iTunes is busy. My theory at least…