Review: Tommy Hilfiger Men’s 5-Pack Classic Brief

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Best Underpants I’ve Ever Owned.

My old man has 30-year-old underpants. I do not exaggerate this fact. I, on the other hand, replace my entire arsenal of skivs once a year, regardless of apparent condition. These are the best underpants I’ve ever owned and, given the maintenance cycle I just disclosed, you know I’ve owned a lot of underpants. Unlike dime-store undies, these have a seam designed into the “hammock” portion of the assembly, resulting in a “form-fitting” shape. Other unns I’ve tried are like someone cut two holes in a T-shirt, folded in half and cut off the excess. Which is pretty much what my pops’ underoos look like. Word to the wise: these run big when you first get them – be patient, they fit just right after about the second washing.

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s 5 Pack Classic Brief