Coins for a Cure Campaign Logo

This graphic was created for a campaign to benefit the Open Medicine Foundation (OMF). The colors used are shades of the OMF primary colors. One of the foundation’s key concepts is the message of hope. I chose the butterfly because, to many people, this animal symbolizes hope and transformation. In this graphic, the coins gradually […]

Vector Graphic Conversion | The Great Seal of the State of California

Image of The Great Seal of the State of California

The client provided a low- to medium-quality image and requested conversion to Adobe Illustrator or Encapsulated Postscript file format. After a bit of research, I assembled the best elements out of various renditions of the Great Seal with a focus on remaining historically accurate with contemporary touches. A first generation iPad Pro 12.9″ with Apple […]

Geospatial Project Management Information System, Ver. 2

Second version of the Geospatial Project Management Information System previously developed. Developed for a wastewater treatment plant upgrade. The key to making this useful was having an understanding of the subject matter (construction project execution) and¬†knowing how an information system could make life easier by making the not-so-fun parts of managing a project (document control, […]

Geospatial Project Management Information System

Developed, implemented, and managed unique project controls and public relations instrument relating critical project information and updates to geographic locations posted to a publically available website. This was for a potable water distribution system upgrade. I was originally asked to make a website that visually depicted the MEP schematic and make pipes turn different colors […]